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The Barony of Bronzehelm is located within the Kingdom of Artemisia; mundanely located in Billings, Mt
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Order of Precedence pg. 3
Wavrin the Wanderer
Golden Gryphon's Talon 09/30/06 Timmur and Tianna
Award of Arms 06/23/05 HRM Caryn

Penelope Highfield
Golden Pillar of Artemisia 05/28/10 Daman and Veronique
Golden Gryphon's Heart 08/28/10 Daman and Veronique
Award of Arms 10/03/09 Sean and Nissa

Natalia Lovtsevich
Golden Scarf 06/18/10 Damon and Veronique
Award of Arms    09/26/09 Sean and Nissa

Kynric de Coventry
Golden Gryphon's Talon 11/19/11 Raven and Sajah
Award of Arms 11/19/11 Raven and Sajah

Soffi (Sofia) Ivarsdottir
Gold Scarf 04/05/14 Konrad and Kortland
Golden Pillar of Artemisia 08/09/13 Daman and Veronique
Award of Arms 08/09/13 Daman and Veronique

Ginevra Ferrea
Award of Arms 01/17/98
Oleander 02/16/97
Order of the Golden Badger 01/09/99

Eoin Maclullich
Award of Arms 08/27/00 Basil and Renee
Jewel of the Keep 04/08/00 Bronwen

Tristan Hervé
Award of Arms 11/10/00 Basil and Renee
Queen's Confidence 03/07/03 Alyna

Grania Ariel Caerphily
Award of Arms 01/15/94

Isabella of Caerphilly
Award of Arms 01/15/94

Taka MacLeod
Award of Arms 01/04/94

Hamall the Quiet
Award of Arms 01/04/97

Award of Arms 01/17/98

Rowan Meabhh MacTeera
Award of Arms 01/17/98

Sybyll de Warene
Award of Arms 01/06/01 Basil and Renee

Thomas de Mourtenshire
Award of Arms 10/12/02 Ibrahim and Alyna

Alexandra MacDhomnuill
Award of Arms 05/24/03

Iohne MacDhaibhidh
Award of Arms 05/24/03

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