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The Barony of Bronzehelm is located within the Kingdom of Artemisia; mundanely located in Billings, Mt
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Order of Precedence pg. 1
Below and on the next 3 pages (4 in all)  is the Order of Precedence for members of the Shire of Bronzehelm. This information is accurate to the best of the Webmistress' knowledge, but she is not a Herald nor is she always kept in the loop. If there is anything incorrect or missing from the following pages, please be sure to contact both the local Herald, Mistress Shauna (to be sure she has been properly informed) as well as the Webmistress, Lady Nicole, so that she may update the desired information. Their contact information can be found on the Shire Contact page.

Damon MacMillan
Duchy 09/07/13 Raven and Sajah
Count 09/04/10 Timmur and Saige
Knight of the SCA 02/15/03 Ibrahim and Alyna
Defender of the Citadel 06/07/02 Reinmar and Albreda
Golden Pillar of Artemisia   Basil II and Renee II
Golden Gryphon's Talon 01/02/99  Alan and Corisande
Award of Arms 01/17/98  
Golden Gryphon's Heart 07/08/00 Connor and Faun
Iron Talon 03/11/00 Conrad and Anna Elspeth

Veronique d'Arcy
Duchy 09/07/13 Raven and Sajah               
Countess 09/04/10  Timmur and Saige
Award of Arms                    10/03/09 Sean and Nissa

Morgan ferch Cennydd of Hawksreach
Mistress of the Pelican 10/10/92 Trelon and Varia                
Court Baroness 10/21/06 Timmur and Tianna
Light of Atenveldt 08/01/92 Mark and Jacqueline
Gryphon's Talon 04/27/91 Edward and Zahara
Pillar of Artemisia 07/11/92  
Maple Leaf 06/19/93  
Award of Arms 01/13/90 Brione and Anna
Oleander 02/14/92  
Queen's Grace 08/06/94 Anna
Gryphon's Heart 07/09/94 Cerys
Artemisian Order of Grace  07/09/94 Aylwn and Ramona
Gryphon's Heart 01/14/95 Ramona
Order of Vigilance 07/20/91 Kate and Dane
Jewel of the Keep 07/17/92  
Argent Plume 04/03/93 Kian and Juliana

Dannu Thorgierrsson
Knight of the SCA               09/04/93 Alan and Corisande         
Gryphon's Talon 01/12/91  
Pillar of Artemisia 10/07/95  
Award of Arms 07/27/86  

Shauna of Carrick Point
Mistress of the Pelican 08/31/96 Brion and Anna
Grant of Arms 10/10/92 Trelon and Varia
Light of Atenveldt 10/09/93 Alan and Corisande
Court Baroness 02/14/04 John and Symonne
Orden des Lindquistringe 03/21/87 Ulric and Eleonora
Pillar of Artemisia 01/12/91 Edward and Zahara
Augmentation of Arms 10/12/02 Ibrahim and Alyna
Award of Arms 09/28/85 Richard and Joedda
Queen's Confidence 09/13/03 Dahoud and Shajara
Dragon's Tear 07/05/86 Justin and Gyth
Principality Company of Sojourners 03/21/87 Ulric and Eleonora
Royal Commendation 10/29/94 Aylwin and Ramona
Gryphon's Heart 06/14/96 Avelyn
King's Council 01/09/90 Alan and Corisande

Caointiarn Comhthaistealaí
Mistress of the Pelican 09/13/03 Dahoud and Shajara 
Order of the Key Cross 11/05/05 Morgan and Esebell
Grant of Arms 09/08/01 Konrad and Kortland
Golden Pillar of Artemisia 01/06/01 Basil and Renee
Award of Arms 01/31/98 John and Alyana
Jewel of the Keep 04/08/00  

Tilman Gluckhaft
Knight of the SCA 08/28/10 Daman and Veronique
Court Baron 08/28/10 Daman and Veronique
Defender of the Citadel 10/12/02 Ibrahim and Alyna
Golden Sun in Splendour 09/30/06 Timmur and Tianna
Golden Pillar of Artemisia 01/02/99 Alan and Corisande
Award of Arms 01/09/93  
Gryphon's Pheon 09/08/94  
Gryphon's Talon 10/07/95  

Isabeau Lia Rossedal
Mistress of the Pelican  10/06/12 Timmur and Saige
Court Baroness 08/28/10 Timmur and Saige
Golden Sun in Splendour 09/30/06 Timmur and Saige
Maple Leaf 10/08/94  
Award of Arms 10/28/95  

Haakon Haukarson
Jambe de Lion 01/16/88
Goutte de Sang 07/20/91
Court Baron 07/17/93
Award of Arms 02/19/84
Golden Blossom (Blatha An Oir/An Tir)  12/12/87
Briar (Blatha An Oir/An Tir) 12/22/90

Lecelina O'Brien of Mount Shannon
Order of the Key Cross      02/15/02 Konrad and Kortland
Golden Maple Leaf 08/27/00 Basil and Renee
Award of Arms 01/02/99 Alan and Corisande

Brienus the Silent
Order of the Key Cross      06/08/02 Reinmar and Albreda
Golden Maple Leaf 01/02/99 Alan and Corisande
Golden Maple Leaf 2000 Connar and Faun
Maple Leaf 10/08/94 Aylwin and Ramona 
Award of Arms 01/04/97 Sean and Cassandra

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