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The Barony of Bronzehelm is located within the Kingdom of Artemisia; mundanely located in Billings, Mt
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We, the populace of the Barony of Bronzehelm, assume you have come to our website because you live in the Billings, MT area (or visit often) and enjoy the thrills of sword fighting, the glamor and pageantry of Medieval Arts & Sciences, or the fun of dressing up and reenacting the favored times of the Medieval era--or perhaps it is all of the above! If this is the case, then you have come to the right place! Please feel welcome within our Barony.

This is the official website for the Barony of Bronzehelm, which is located within the Kingdom of Artemisia and is one part of many within the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). We are Mundanely located in Billings, Montana, but welcome visitors from throughout the state and beyond! For further information about the ar, please check out our information page entitled About the Barony.

Recent changes have been made to our website, including the addition of a Forum in which you can post anything you might need to regarding Baronial activities. This forum has replaced the discussion group that we held through Yahoo groups. Newcomers to our Barony are encouraged to post questions or comments in our Forum and we will do everything in our power to answer you in a timely manner. Veteran members are also encouraged to utilize the Forum for discussions regarding upcoming events, various 
Baronial meetings, and marshalate practices so that everyone can benefit from them.

News and Events page of this website will announce local events such as Meetings, Fighter's Practices, and Arts & Sciences nights, and has a brief list of upcoming events in the Kingdom.

If you have come here by mistake, you are welcome to leave; but if the above commentary has made you curious, do consider exploring more of this website and learning of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), which we are a part of. We are a fun group of people to play with! More information about the SCA can be found on their website, a link for which is on the 
Links page. Newcomers to the SCA may also be interested in perusing through other links on that page, such as the Newcomers Guide and Forward into the Past, both of which contain helpful information for new arrivals.

Welcome again!

The Bronzehelm Populace