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Baronial Armorial

Welcome to the Barony of Bronzehelm Armorial. This page depicts the registered names and devices and/or Coats of Arms of our Shire Members. Also included on this page are the names and devices of the members of the Incipient Shire of Drachenfeld.

For those in need of clarification: A Device is a heraldic design that uniquely represents the person or group that owns it. A person who has not been awarded Arms may register their personal armory as a Device. Once a person has received an award, patent, or grant of Arms by the Crown of Artemisia, their Device becomes Arms.

I have chosen not to make a distinction between Arms and Devices on this page. For a list of Shire Members who have received various awards within the Kingdom, including awards, patents, or grants of Arms, please see the Order of Precedence.

The following information is gathered from our local Herald, Baroness Shauna of Carrick Point. If something is missing, it is likely that the Webmistress has not yet received the information to update it to the site. Please be patient with our process. Often new information will be updated within a month of it becoming official, but this is not always the case. You may wish to check with Baroness Shauna to be sure she has the updated information before checking with the Webmistress.

If there is anything incorrect or in need of update with the following information, please be sure to contact the Webminister HL Giovanni, with said corrections/updates so that they can be made. In the case of missing Devices, please be sure to include an image of the Device so that it can be placed on the webpage. Contact information can be found on the Shire Contact page.

Armorial of the Members of the Shire of Bronzehelm
Name Blazon Device
Abigale Karslake--July 2008
(Name Only)
-- --
Aelia Sophia of Artemisia--Jan. 2011
(Name Only)
-- --
Altheia Isidora of Philae--April 1998  Argent, a lotus affronty and chief wavy azure--Aug. 1999
(Fieldless) An ankh and feather conjoined at base in
chevron inverted azure (badge)--April 1998
Andrew of Doune Castle--Sept. 1999 Per bend embattled Or and vert, a martlet gules--April 2000
Angrim the Unreasonable--June 1988 Azure, on a pale between two bears combattant each
maintaining a battle ax argent a tower azure--Oct. 2000
Annora the Wise--July 2013
(Name Only)
 -- -- 
Athenais Bryennissa--May 2001 Argent, a water bouget sable and a point pointed azure--May 2001
(Fieldless) A staple sable (badge)--Oct. 2003
Brienus the Silent--May 1996 Purpure, six annulets, three, two, and one, argent--May 1996
Caointiarn Comhthaistealai--Sept. 1993 Azure, a lion couchant guardant contourny, on a mount argent a
hank of cord azure--Sept. 1993
Daman MacMillan--Oct. 2002 Gules, a pile throughout bendy sinister azure and Or between two
roses slipped and leaved argent--Feb. 1999
Edgar Builder--Sept. 2013
(Name Only)
Elizabeth Hams--Nov. 2009 Argent, a domestic cat passant azure charged on flank with fluer-de-lys argent. Oct. 2011 --
Eoin Maclulich--Oct. 2000 Azure, a drakkar and in chief three mullets of four points argent
--Oct. 2000
Esteban de Murcia--July 2008
(Name Only)
-- --
Fine ingen Scandail--Oct. 2009
(Name Only)
-- --
Geoffrey Cheriton--Feb. 1999 Argent, a feather within a bordure embattled vert--May 2001 
Giovanni Orsini da Venezia--May 2002 Argent, two falcons respectant gules and a chief triangular azure
--May 2002 
Haakon Haukarson--Aug. 1984 Argent, a winged wolf peassant, wings elevated and addorsed
on a chief triangular sable an aurochs skull argent--Aug. 1984
(Fieldless) A winged Ringerike wolf passant to sinister, wings
elevated and addorsed, sable (badge)--Oct. 1985
Hue de Givors--April 2009 Azure a bend argent between a sun and a ship Or, a bordure
argent--April 2009 
Isabeau Lia Rossedal--Oct. 2002 Per chevron azure and argent, two roses Or and a rod of Aesculapius azure--June 2005
Iuliana de Constanta--Nov. 2007 Argent, a lavender sprig vert flowered purpure and in base a pellet, on a chief embattled sable a roundel between a decrescent and an increscent argent--Sep. 2010
Ivan of Zemgale--May 1999 Purpure, a bend sinister argent, in bend three griffins
counterchanged--Feb. 2000 
Johannes Angelus--Oct. 2010
(Name Only)
-- --
Jonet MacTeir--Dec. 2000
(Name Only)
-- --
Killian Calwaye--July 2008 Per fess azure and Or, a demi-sun issuant from chief Or and a dragon dormant to sinister sable--June. 2010
Lecelina O'Brien of Mountshannon
--Feb. 1999
Per pale wavy purpure and Or, a unicorn argent and a dragon
sable combattant--Feb. 1999
(Fieldless) A two-headed chimerical monster composed of the
head and body of a unicorn and the head, wings, and tail of a
dragon rampant contourny purpure (badge)--Jan. 2003 
Maderun verch Hugh--April 2009
(Name Only)
-- --
Morgan ferch Cennydd--Nov. 1989 Sable, a bend argent goutty de sang between two hawks' heads
erased that to chief contourny argent--Sept. 1991
Argent goutty-de-sang, a hawk's head erased contourny sable
(badge)--Nov. 1999
Natal'ia Lovtsevicha--June 2010
(Name Only)
-- --
Nicole Drake de Luna--June 2010 Azure, in pale a dragon segreant and a crescent argent--Jan. 2011
Odar O'Dorney--Dec. 2000 Or, two dragons combattant and an ermine spot gules--Dec. 2000
(Fieldless) An ermine spot gules (badge)--Dec. 2000
Otnand Vettich--May 2001
   Alternate Name: Thaddeus Guy
   --May 2009
Or, in pale a smith's hammer fesswise and a one-horned anvil
purpure--May 2001
Penelope Highfield--July 2008 Argent, on a bend sinister between two tulips gules slipped and leaved vert five hearts palewise argent. --Oct. 2011 --
Rachel Corneli--March 2009 Azure, a bend sinister between a hawk's bell and a pomegranate slipped and leaved, a bordure engrailed argent--Oct. 2010
(Fieldless) A shamrock gules (badge)--Mar. 2010
Robert of the Four Hearts-- June 2010 Or, four hearts in cross, points outward, gules--Dec. 2010
Shauna of Carrick Point--Oct. 1985

  Household Name: Sand Castle
  --Oct. 2000

  Heraldic Will--Nov. 2009
Per chevron vert and argent, in pale a flute fesswise argent and
a raven volant, wings elevated and addorsed, sable--Dec. 1985

Per chevron vert and argent, in pale a flute fesswise argent and
a raven volant wings elevated and addorsed sable, and for
augmentation, in fess point on a lozenge sable a sinister wing with
a hand issuant maintaining a straight trumpet Or--Aug. 2005

Household Badge: (Fieldless) On a Tower Or a raven sable
(badge)--Oct. 2000

Vert, three flutes in triangle argent (badge)--March 1987
Soffi Ivarsdottir--November 2013
(Name Only)
-- --
Susanna Robertson--July 2008
(Name Only)
-- --
Theophania of Hythe--March 2003
(Name Only)
-- --
Thorkatla Bjarnadottir--Sept. 2000 Argent, a seeblat and a pair of gores purpure--Oct. 2002  
Titus Didius Maximus--July 2008
(Name Only)
-- --
Veronique d'Arcy--June 2010 Purpure, in pale a fleur-de-lys and a bouquet of four columbines argent--June 2010 
Yakoub Kadar--Dec. 1998 Per chevron azure and vert, a chevron Or between two swans
rousant respectant argent and a mullett of eight points Or
--Jan 2000 
Armorial of the Members of the Borderlands
Name Blazon Device
Annabella Graham--May 2001 Azure, a chevron wavy between two Celtic crosses and a thistle, Or--May 2001  
Brian Barnum--Aug. 1999 Per pall gules, sable, and Or, in chief an anvil argent--Aug. 1999  
Brian Barnum and Annabella Graham (Fieldless) A thistle vert headed purpure surmounted by an anvil argent (joint badge)--Oct. 2010  
Cara di Apollonio--June 2010 Sable, an elephant statant and on a chief Or a vine of ivy vert
--June 2010
Niccola di Amelio--Oct. 2010 Gules, a cross clechy and on a chief argent a domestic cat passant sable--Oct. 2010  
Raphael d'Antonio de Luca--Oct. 2010
(Name Only)
-- --
Armorial of the Members of the Incipient Shire of Drachenfeld
Name Blazon Device
Enneleyn Lilje--July 2008
(Name Only)
-- --
Gaius Scorpianus Romanus--July 2008
(Name Only)
-- --