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The Barony of Bronzehelm is located within the Kingdom of Artemisia; mundanely located in Billings, Mt
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About the Barony

The Barony of Bronzehelm is a medieval re-creation group which exists within the Kingdom of Artemesia and is one of many parts within the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). Our local group is located in Billings, Montana. For further information regarding the SCA as a whole, please visit their website, which can be found on our Links page.

The Barony of Bronzehelm was founded in the winter of 1982 and became a Barony in January 2018. We have been going strong, ever since. We currently host several events within our borders, including our birthday event, 12th Night, which takes place in January, an Arts & Sciences event known as Schola held in May, and Conquest of the Wastelands--our local WAR--takes place in August. We also participate in local, mundane events such as the Montana Renaissance Faire!

Many members of our Barony are also ongoing contributors toward Relay for Life! In 2011 the Shire as a whole sponsered a team for the Relay. For further information, please see the
Relay for Life page.

For information regarding upcoming events both locally and within the rest of our Kingdom, please visit the
News and Events page. You can also find information regarding the monthly Business Meeting, which is held the first Monday of every month, as well as Fighter's Practice, and Arts & Sciences Nights, in that link.

Further information about Baronial activities can be found in the Bronzehelm Watch, which is our Barony's newsletter. To receive a yearly subscription to the newsletter, please fill out and submit the Subscription Form, which can be found in the
Useful Documents page.

If you look to the bottom left you'll notice the 
Baronial Armorial and the Baronial Order of Precedence. The Baronial Armorial is a list of registered names and devices within our Barony. The Order of Precedence is a list of our Baronial Members and the various awards they have received within the Society. Please feel free to peruse through the information given!